Our passion and commitment is to produce quality Rumen Bypass Fat.

Procesadora de Alimentos para Ganado was born in 1990, with the purpose of elaborating products of the best quality, totally Mexican, that can compete worldwide for its elaboration process; giving rise to Energivac, Ruminal Bypass Fat for Dairy and Fattening Cattle,  which since its appearance on the market has maintained a constant quality and has always remained at the forefront in its production process, using the best technology and the best processes. as far as Bypass Fats are concerned. Energivac®  has a team of professionals in animal feed, who are always supervising and certifying that #ENERGIVAC has the necessary characteristics to continue being the best Ruminal Bypass Fat on the market.


Elaborate Ruminal Bypass Fats of the best quality,  in order to meet the needs of both the national and international markets, which optimize production in dairy and fattening cattle, contributing to the growth of our clients.


To be a leading company in the production of 100% vegetable-based Bypass Fats,  always committed to providing a world-class product, using state-of-the-art technology and always being at the forefront in the development of our products.


Our values are from a company that is distinguished by its integrity, honesty, responsibility, commitment, transparency and service, which allows us to guarantee the total satisfaction of our clients.


There are many reasons why ENERGIVAC is the best decision.

Due to our innovative spirit, we are always researching, developing and innovating as far as Bypass Greases are concerned.

Because we are committed to quality. Our policy of quality, continuous improvement and excellence in service is reflected in our good practices and certifications as a company.
Because of our effectiveness, we ensure results.
• Because we treat each client as if they were the only one.

Because of our customer orientation:  The experience of our nutritionists is always available to our customers. Energivac is a product that has been constantly evolving, always implementing the right ingredients to give the best results.
• Because we are a team of professionals who work to ensure the success of our clients.
• Because we work with transparency, trust and empathy.
• Because we work as a team. We feel like part of your company!



We provide our clients with specialized technical advice in animal feed, milk production and fattening cattle, which ensure the proper use of Energivac depending on their needs.


We have the experience of three decades in the national market, which allows us to provide the right product with high quality standards for each of your needs.


We put at your disposal passion and experience that are reflected in our products, the guarantee of manufacture and certified production. We have the necessary knowledge to offer you the best quality and satisfaction guarantee.

100% Mexican Export Quality

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